is ranked 26,009th in the world and has IP address Nameservers:, The domain age is 7years 223days old.




AlexaRank 26,009
Visits per day 39,636
Daily Ads Revenue $120.4
Creation Date 2003-11-12
Google PageRank 0
Google Backlinks
Yahoo Backlinks 5
Dmoz Listed No
Domain Age 2778 days

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About The domain has IP address Site was created on 2003-11-12. has the potential to earn $120.4 USD in advertisement revenue per day. is ranked #26,009 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. has 2 nameservers:, The domain age is 7years 223days old.
Title AssParade - Where the big asses of the world get banged all day long!
Description is ranked 26,009th in the world and has IP address Nameservers:, The domain age is 7years 223days old.
Country -
Nameservers: NS.ISPRIME.COM :
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ISP Adelphia

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